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업무효율성에 맞춰 화면구성및 다양한 기능의 인터페이스를 터치스크린을 통해 한번 클릭으로 대부분의 기능을 액세스 할수 있습니다.
다양한 주변기기의 활용으로 다양한 업종에 적합하며 빠른속도와 빠른 업무속도를 처리할수 있어
고객의 빠른대응이 가능합니다.

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업무환경 업장에 따라 다양한 디자인의 포스시스템을 선택할수 있습니다. 옵션에 따라 고객용 디스플레이와 컬러등을 선택할수 있습니다. 해당 모델을 상세하기 보시려면 아래 그림을 참고 하십시요


APEXA®G 시리즈의 첫번째 모델인 APEXA®G는 모던 & 컨템포러리 스타일, 강력한 성능,
우수한 터치 디스플레이, 넉넉한 I/O 인터페이스, 유연한 설치 방식이 특징입니다.
유통, 외식, 전문점, 프렌차이즈 업종의 사용자 환경에 최적화된 POS 터미널입니다


터치 스크린, 고속 프린터, 카드 리더기, 고객 표시창을 모두 내장한 올인원 장비입니다.
또한 콤팩트한 사이즈와 강력한 성능을 내장하여 공간활용도가 높아
철물점, 주얼리샵, 화장품전문점에 적합한 POS장비입니다.


컴팩트한 디자인의 공간 절약형 포스시스템으로 카운터 공간을 효율적으로 사용이 가능
한 시스템입니다. 제품상단에 인터페이스를 배치하여 빠르고 설치가 간편합니다.
매장환경에 따라 스탠드형과 벽걸이형으로 활용이 가능합니다.




Entirely New. Completely Redefined.™

• Red Dot Design Award Winner
• Super Compact All-in-One POS Terminal
• ARM Cortex-A7 Quad-Core Processor
• Android 6.0 Supported
• 10″ Display with PCAP Touch
• 3″ Fast Printer, Card Reader, and Customer
• Display Integrated.
• Budget-Friendly Solution
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Features & Benefits


Entirely New. Completely Redefined.™


The DCR™ A1, a new addition to the DCR™ series, is an Android-based all-in-one POS terminal. With 9.7” touchscreen, a customer display, a fast receipt printer, and a card reader all integrated into a single terminal, there is no need to consider what to have around it. The DCR™ A1 is the perfect solution for business owners in pursuit of maximum return on minimum investment.


Groundbreaking All-in-One Design.

The unmatched innovative all-in-one design of the DCR™ A1 is recognized by the world’s prestigious Red Dot Design Award. The POSBANK DCR™ series is a completely redefined POS terminal with groundbreaking all-in-one design and ergonomically-designed structure.



Super Compact Body. Smaller Footprint.

With smaller footprint, only less than a piece of paper, the DCR™ A1 allows staff to deploy it on the counter without worry of a space. The super compact DCR™ A1 offers larger space on the checkout counter for staff to display and sell additional items that can enhance the bottom line.



Reliable Performance.

Powered by power-efficient Cortex®-A7 Quad-Core processor, the DCR™ A1 delivers reliable operation that is enough to run today’s POS applications. The DCR™ A1 is loaded with Android OS providing intuitive UI and improved usability.



Run Your Business
with Affordable Solution.

The DCR™ A1 is designed to have lean and simple structure for budget-sensitive business owners. The POSBANK DCR™ A1, the most ideal solution to get the most from your budget, offers lowest initial cost and total cost of ownership in its class.


Brighter Touchscreen.
Fast and Intuitive.

On its 10” touchscreen LCD, the DCR™ A1 delivers intuitive and familiar experiences similar to tablets. Brighter touchscreen with LED backlight improves touch accuracy and speed. PCAP touch technology ensures faster touch response, and the display tilts toward staff for easy operation.



The high-speed jam-free 3” printer, with fast printing speed of up to 200mm/s, does not make your customers wait. The built-in printer creates clean and cable-free environment on the counter space.



Multiple Peripheral Devices.

The DCR™ A1, even in super compact size, provides connection to multiple peripheral devices. Use existing devices or add new peripheral devices to meet changing business needs as your business grows.



Head Office

소프트웨어 개발사업팀
경기 김포시 김포한강10로133번길 107 디원시티시그니처 722호  익스페디아소프트웨어 
107, Gimpohangang 10-ro 133beon-gil, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Tel : 070-4077-5100 , Fax 82+0504.405.0587

서울특별시 금천구 가산동 481-11 대륭테크노타워8차 506호 
#506, 96, Gamasan-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea  Fax : 02-2163-0051

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Expeida Software Inc. was established in 2004.  provides POS softwares and business solutions under its brand JabaPos™ in Korea. JabaPos™ was specifically engineered to provide the most powerful,
and flexible and user-friendly Point of Sale system available anywhere. The Delphi program makes it possible for JabaPos software engineers to customize
the product to fit the needs of individual businesses. At Expeida Software Inc. we strive to lead in the innovation and development of the industry’s most advanced software. We also pride in the experienced technicians and programmers in the POS industry. We translate these advanced
technologies into value for our customers through our professional solutions,
services and consulting businesses worldwide.